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The Western Forum of Credit and Financial Executives Association was formed in 1975 to provide senior credit and financial executives from industries across Canada to come together and share business experience.


For 43 years, the Forum has consistently provided value for its members by offering entertaining and informative speakers discussing topics of vested interest, and ultimately promoting awareness on legislative matters. Specifically, the Forum carried a loud voice and was an active participant in many of the revisions to the Federal Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. 


This networking fraternity has proven to be an invaluable resource in meeting the social, political and economic challenges members face.


The Forum is registered under the Society Act of BC and is a non-profit society.




The Forum's mission is to assist its members in managing risk, understanding and influencing legislative changes in the economy/marketplace while facilitating networking among peers.




Our vision is to be Western Canada's go-to resource for credit and financial professionals.




  • Comradeship

  • Education

  • Leadership

  • Networking


Board of Directors
Stacey Palsenbarg
Bob Roy

Stacey is a graduate of the Credit Institute of Canada and brings forth over 20 years’ experience in credit management and full-cycle accounts receivable/payable. Her expertise is in office management, cash flow management, bank, GL, & inter-company reconciliations, collections & negotiations, customer relations, risk assessment, contract law, security filings, and EDI.


Stacey especially enjoys our annual golf tournament where she gets to do two of her favorite things – wine tasting and golf. 

Born in England, now residing in Canada, Bob has been fortunate to have worked and gained valuable experience both in Europe & Canada. He is an expert in credit analytics and all aspects of litigation from third-party collections to attorney relationships. Bob is the facilitator of sales through mitigation of risk. He is a chief solution and options provider for his customers and is accountable for keeping clients in a position to purchase. Bob excels in creating partnerships to reach goals through strategic planning and conscious business decisions.


Common sense plays a big part in both his professional career and daily life. Bob is a firm believer in giving back to the community, has strong family values, and a defined work-life balance which has been key to his success.

Denine Zess
George Wilson

Denine started her career in credit fresh out of school and has been at it for the past 35 years. During this time, she witnessed the industry evolve from a manual ledger to a highly computerized environment. At this time, she oversees the credit-granting department for her organization's Canadian corporate headquarters, extending, managing, and monitoring credit to franchises and other businesses. 


Her hobbies include wine tasting, walking her dog, and sneaking away to Mexico for much-needed rest; apart from the high-paced yet rewarding industry.

Carly Cooke

George holds over 15 years of experience as a credit manager. He is accountable for the credit granting process in its entirety, comprising of credit policy application, customer credit reviews, and determining the creditworthiness of potential customers with the aim of boosting sales while minimizing bad debt losses.


In his spare time, George likes to connect with friends, try new foods, and travel.





Carly provides businesses with a variety of financial management solutions including first-party collections & customer care, third-party & legal collections, as well as Equifax credit reporting, with the intent of getting creditors paid quickly and efficiently without hassling clients or consumers.


When she's not in the office, you will likely spot her at the gym or outdoors enjoying nature with her hairless Chinese crested dog, Cookie. 

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